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When you need professional house cleaning services in Gainesville FL, you can count on our cleaning crews at 所有的清洁 of Gainesville, FL. We use only the latest in home cleaning technologies and that includes environmentally friendly cleaning solutions from all-purpose sprays to floor, 瓷砖 and carpet cleaning solutions.

House Cleaning 服务 Gainesville, FL

Our professional home cleaning services in the greater Gainesville area are designed to help keep your home clean and free of dirt, 碎片和灰尘.

Our professional cleaning crews near you are well-versed in cleaning kitchens, 浴室, 卧室, 窗户, living rooms and specialty rooms, like home gyms and offices.

We even have the equipment and green cleaning solutions that will remove stains and filth from 瓷砖, 灌浆, carpets and hard surface floors, and we offer window cleaning and 压力清洗.


  • Complete House Cleaning
  • Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning
  • Professional Floor Care
  • House Window Cleaning
  • House Pressure Washing
House Cleaning 服务 Gainesville FL

Complete House Cleaning 服务 For Gainesville FL

Our complete ‘house cleaning services near me’ are designed to ensure that your house is spotless by the time we leave.

We offer total maid cleaning services that include thoroughly cleaning every room in your home from the foyer to the laundry room as well as 浴室 and kitchen.


  • Bathroom Cleaning – 瓷砖, 乙烯基, 油毡, counters, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers.
  • Bedroom Cleaning – carpets, hard surface floors, rugs and furnishings.
  • Dining Room Cleaning – tables, chairs, hard surface floors, carpets and rugs, buffets and china cabinets.
  • 门厅 – floors, 窗户, tables, chairs.
  • 厨房清洁 – 瓷砖, stone, 乙烯基 and 层压板 floors, cabinets, sinks, appliance surfaces.
  • 洗衣房 – floors, cabinets, shelves and washer and dryer exteriors.
  • Living Room Cleaning – tables, couches, chairs, wall décor, flouring, tables, entertainment centers and bookshelves.

House Floor Care 服务 in Gainesville, FL

我们的专长是 cleaning all types of hard surface floors 和地毯. Our professional cleaning crews have the equipment and experience to clean hardwood, 瓷砖, 油毡, 乙烯基, rubber floors and concrete.

We can even strip and reapply wax and other protective coatings. Our carpet cleaning services include vacuuming and shampooing all types of residential carpets, 包括长毛绒, 水平循环, Berber and textured.

  • Carpet Cleaning 服务 – All types of carpets, 包括柏柏尔人, 面积地毯, 豪华的, level-loop, carpet 瓷砖s and textured carpets
  • Hard Surface Floor Cleaning 服务 – All types of hard surface floors, including hardwood, 实木, 层压板, 乙烯基, 油毡, 瓷砖和石材

Window Cleaning For Your House

The 窗户 in your home allow you to view the outside while allowing beautiful sunlight inside. Our interior window cleaning services include cleaning the glass, frame and sills so that they are clean and free of 碎片, and we always guarantee a streak-free shine on all glass surfaces.


  • Casement 窗户
  • 自定义窗口
  • Double-hung 窗户
  • Single, double and triple pane 窗户
  • Stained glass 窗户

Residential Pressure Washing 服务 in Gainesville, FL

We can make the outside of your home as beautiful and clean as the inside of your home with our professional 压力清洗 services.

We use a low-pressure 压力清洗 system to gently and thoroughly clean all the dirt, 碎片, filth and staining from all the exterior surfaces of your home, including the siding, 天井, 甲板, roof and concrete surfaces, including sidewalks and driveways.

Our 压力清洗 services are also environmentally friendly. The only thing we use to clean the outside of your home is pressurized water. This means that it will not harm your landscaping or the wildlife surrounding your home, and it won’t pollute nearby streams or creeks.


  • 家外饰 – siding, brick, masonry.
  • 平整地面 – concrete, stone, paver 瓷砖s.
  • 休息区 – 天井, 甲板, gazebos.

Residential Garage Cleaning 服务 in Gainesville, FL

Does your garage need a thorough cleaning or do you need junk removal services? Over time, backyards, sheds and garages can become filthy and cluttered with junk.

This can limit your ability to use these features of your property and reduce your home’s overall value, especially if you have a lot of junk or the areas are overly filthy.

We are proud to be able to offer complete garage and outbuilding cleaning services to all the homeowners in Gainesville and the surrounding communities. We clean workbenches, cabinets, counters, tool storage areas and concrete floors.

We can even apply concrete sealants to help protect the floor of your garage. If you have junk located in your backyard, garage or an outbuilding, we also offer junk removal services.

  • Garage Cleaning 服务 – cleaning, trash removal, concrete floor cleaning and sealing.
  • Junk Removal 服务 – remove junk and 碎片 from the exterior of your home and any outbuildings.

Seasonal and 深层清洁 For Your 首页

At least once a year, your home should receive a deep cleaning that includes thoroughly scrubbing all the nooks and crannies of your home and cleaning the insides of your appliances, like your dishwasher and oven.

Our deep cleaning services can be scheduled any time of year, or you can choose to order our spring or fall cleaning, which will prepare your home for the upcoming winter or the upcoming summer.

  • 深层清洁 – available any time your home needs an extra-thorough cleaning.
  • 秋天清洁 – complete deep cleaning services during the fall.
  • 春季大扫除 – complete cleaning services just prior to summer.

Move-In Move-Out Cleaning 服务 in Gainesville, FL

Our move-in and move-out cleaning services are great for apartments, 公寓, dorms and newly listed homes for sale. Our move-out cleaning services are designed to prepare the home for viewing or showing to prospective tenants and new owners.

Our move-in cleaning services are designed to prepare your new home for occupancy so that all you have to do is unpack and enjoy your new living spaces.

  • 入学清洁 – Great for getting your new home ready for your belongings
  • Move-out Cleaning – Great for individuals who are moving out of their house, apartment, condo or co-op

每周 & Monthly Maid 服务 Gainesville, FL

We offer custom cleaning schedules to fit your lifestyle and your cleaning needs. We can clean your home one time just before a big event or family get-together.

We can clean your home daily in the mornings or evenings. You can opt to use our weekly cleaning service, or you can have your home professionally cleaned once a month.

We also offer recurring cleaning that can be customized to your specific needs.


  • One-time Cleaning – great just prior to family events and get-togethers.
  • 日常清洁 – keep your home clean and free of dirt on a daily basis.
  • 每周清洁 – have your home cleaned every week on the day that is most convenient for you.
  • 每月的清洁 – great for individuals who need a little extra help cleaning the tough areas, like kitchens and 浴室.
  • Recurring Cleaning – schedule certain days each week or month to have your home professionally cleaned.

This comprehensive list represents our residential, house cleaning services in Gainesville and surrounding areas.

  • 打扫屋子
  • Apartment cleaning
  • 小屋打扫
  • Interior cleaning
  • 房间清洁
  • Property cleaning
  • 车库清洁
  • Living room cleaning
  • Dining room cleaning
  • Laundry room cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • 卧室的清洁
  • 大厅清洁
  • 清洗窗户
  • 地毯清洗
  • 地板清洁
  • 地毯清洗
  • 吸尘
  • Furniture cleaning
  • 清理垃圾
  • 烤箱清洁
  • 盲目的清洁
  • One time cleaning
  • 日常清洁
  • 每周清洁
  • 每月的清洁
  • Recurring Cleaning
  • 深层清洁
  • 春季大扫除
  • 秋天清洁
  • 花园清洁
  • Junk removal services
  • Move-out cleaning
  • 入学清洁
  • 绿色清洗
  • 屋顶清洁
  • 排水沟清理
  • Pressure washing services
  • New home construction cleaning
  • House post construction cleaning
  • Extraction cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning

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